Guides - ROHAN Account - General Info


All students, faculty, and academic staff are eligible to get a free ROHAN account. Your ROHAN account EXPIRES one semester after you graduate or otherwise leave the university. Please note that class accounts expire at the end of the course semester.


ROHAN accounts have 50 MB of space for a personal web page or file storage, and 20 MB of space for e-mail. All files in your account are backed up and can be restored. Email, that has NOT been saved into folders, is not backed up and cannot be restored once deleted.


ROHAN also gives you access to compilers, compression utilities, editors, and other software, which are listed at the ROHAN Software site. Your ROHAN account is not an Internet service provider, but can be accessed from any Internet connection.





Connecting to ROHAN

Depending on your objective, there are several ways to connect to ROHAN:


To access files and software

  • Use an SSH (Secure Shell) application.

    PC - Download SSH. Connect to: Enter your username and password for rohan when it prompts you to.

    Mac - Use the program called Terminal. It comes with the operating system and should be located in the Utilities folder.

    At the prompt, type in, without the quotes, "ssh -Y" (username = your ROHAN username). You will then be asked for your password.


To transfer files

  • Use an SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) program to transfer files. ROHAN will not allow you to connect without a secure connection.
    PC - SSH comes with an FTP program.
    Mac - Download Fetch. They have a free education license for you. There are other programs and you can search the web for them if you are interested.


To access email

  1. Use webmail to access your ROHAN email. ROHAN uses SquirrelMail for webmail.

  2. Use an email client, such as Thunderbird or Eudora, to access email. Connection settings can be found at this link.



ROHAN Password Change for Students


Students - change password via Webportal:

  1. Login to the WebPortal and click on the button titled Get a ROHAN/Email account. The "Create your free SDSU e-mail account" page will be displayed.

  2. Click the Continue button at the bottom of the page.

  3. Your Email address and username will be displayed, followed by the link, "Click here to change your ROHAN account password." Click the link to change your password.

  4. After you change your password, the new password will be displayed on the screen, and will be emailed to your email address on file with the WebPortal.


Passwords will NOT be accepted that:

  • Are less than 6 characters long.

  • Matches your last name or account name

  • Are found in the system's spelling dictionary - unless it has some uppercase letters other than the first character. For example, "Explain" would be rejected but "exPlain" would be accepted.

  • Have more than 3 repeated characters - thus "aaa" would be rejected.



ROHAN Password Change for Others


Faculty/Staff, Department, Student Organization or Class account users:


If you know your password and want to change it:

Login to ROHAN using SSH or Terminal and type "passwd" at the shell prompt.


If you forgot your password and want to change it:

  • Class account users must contact their professor for their password.


  • Faculty/Staff, Student Organization and Departmental account password changes must be requested by the account owner/contact person at the SCC.



Remember, you have 20MB of space for email and 50MB of space for your home directory.

If you exceed your ROHAN quota for email or home directory, your account will be too full to accept anything. It's possible to exceed both, but usually it's one or the other.

If your email gets too full, you will not be able to receive any new mail until you delete messages or save them to another directory. When using ROHAN's webmail, be sure to empty your trash, by clicking "purge" next to the trash on the left column, after you've deleted any messages. Email left in the trash will tie up space in your account and may cause you to go over your alloted quota.

If your home directory gets too full, you wont be able to upload anything to it until you make more space by deleting items no longer needed.


There are two ways to check your ROHAN quota:

A. Log in to your ROHAN webmail at and in the top left corner you should see somthing like this:

graphic depicting quota levels of Mail and Webspace


The top bar represents your Mail quota and the bottom bar represents the rest of the space in your ROHAN account.

B. If you log in to ROHAN using an SSH program, at the ROHAN prompt enter: quota -v [Press Enter]

Your quota information will be displayed and will look something like this:
graphic of a list containing numbers depicting a user's quota

The first column should be less that the second. If it is not, you have exceeded your quota.