Guides - How to Make a Webpage for your ROHAN Account


Your homepage url will be:


1. Create your web page
2. Create the public_html directory and set permissions - SKIP this if you created your account after Jan '08

3. Transferring files to ROHAN


The following resources will help you make a webpage. You can use a variety of programs to create your webpage. You must save your webpage as a file called index.html so that it is your defaul page when you type in your url:

1. Create Your Web Page


If you are writing the html yourself:

It is recommended that you use Note Pad for the PC and TextWangler for the Mac.


If you use Microsoft Word:

  1. Open MS Word and choose New from the File menu
  2. Go through the steps to create your webpage with text and pictures
  3. Click File - Save as Web Page
  4. Save as index.html


HTML & Web Page Creation Resources

  • W3 Schools - At W3Schools you will find all the Web-building tutorials you need, from basic HTML and XHTML to advanced XML, SQL, Database, Multimedia and WAP.
  • Youtube - you can find all sorts of "how-to" videos. For example, you can search for "how to make a website."
  • idocs - Guide to HTML which allows you to search for HTML tags
  • NCSA - Beginners Guide to HTML



More Software Options


  • HTML-Kit: An HTML development suite with a multitude of downloadable plugins. This software is freeware.
    Platform: Windows

  • Dreamweaver: Web/HTML development software. Trial license lasts for 30 days.
    Platform: Windows, Mac

  • Fireworks: Software that allows you to create, edit, and animate web graphics. Trial license lasts for 30 days.
    Platform: Windows, Mac

  • Flash: Interactive animations for the web. Trial license lasts for 30 days.
    Platform: Windows, Mac


2. Create the public_html directory(folder) and set general permissions*

*SKIP this if you created your account after Jan 11th 2008 because the public_html folder and permissions should already be set up for you.


If you created your account before Jan 11th 2008, you will need to create a directory(folder) in your Rohan account to upload your webpage to and set permissions on it so the public can see your page.


  1. Log into ROHAN

    PC - Use SSH. Connect to: Enter your username and password for rohan when it prompts you to.

    Mac - Use the program called Terminal. It comes the operating system and should be located in the Utilities folder. You can also use X11, but you may not have that installed on your computer.

      • At the prompt, type in, without the quotes, "ssh -Y" (username = your ROHAN username).
      • You will then be asked for your password.
      • After your password is input correctly, you may see "TERM = (unknown)," just hit the Return key to get the "rohan%" prompt.

  2. Create public_html folder

    rohan% mkdir public_html [press enter]
    This command creates the public_html directory

  3. Set permissions for your ROHAN account

  • rohan% chmod 711 . [press enter] (make sure you type the "dot")
    This command sets the permissions for your home directory to be publically readable

  • rohan% chmod 711 public_html [press enter]
    This command sets the permissions for your public_html directory to be publically readable

3. Transferring files to ROHAN


You must transfer ALL files, images, etc. assosiated with your web page using a Secure File Transfer Program(SFTP). On a PC, SSH has SFTP built in and on a Mac, you can use Fetch.


Using either of these progams will automatically set the permissions for each transfered file if you created your account after Jan 11th 2008 or if you have already set the permissons for your home and public_html directories as stated above under "Create the public_html directory."


  1. Open your file transfer program (for example, SSH or Fetch)
  2. Log into the host name of using your Rohan username and password.
  3. Transfer your index.html file and any pictures that will go on your page into your "public_html" directory.


*** Note*** Images and MS Office files should be transfered in binary mode. The application should automatically choose "binary" for those types of files, but if you have issues with them, try manually changing the mode to binaray via the menu Remote - Mode

Setting Permissions for files inside public_html directory


You must manually set the permissions for files that have not been put in the account via an SFTP program (SSH or Fetch) or were uploaded before the permissions were set on the main directory so that other people may view these particular files.


  1. Connect to Rohan with SSH for PCs or Terminal for Mac
  2. Change to your "public_html" directory by typing at the rohan% prompt: rohan% cd public_html [press enter]
  3. Choose one of the following permission commands depending on the type of file rohan%
    • Use this command for .html, .jpg, & .gif files - chmod 644 file name [press enter]
    • Use this command for .cgi & . doc files - rohan% chmod 755 file name [press enter]
  4. rohan% logout [press enter]